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These physically challenged winter squash will make some fine holiday pies this year. A cross between Butternut and I believe a buttercup. Maybe. Large like basketball size, beautiful sweet bright orange flesh. Pie makin' material.

These physically challenged winter squash will make some fine holiday pies this year. A cross between Butternut and I believe a Buttercup. Calling this one a NutCup. Bit on the large size for a nut cup. I suspect there was some squash sex stuff happening with the Cushaws also. That would explain the size of these babies. Maybe. Large like basketball size, beautiful sweet bright orange flesh. Pie makin’ material. Yum.

Two years!  It’s been almost two whole years since I posted anything here. Can you imagine that. Question mark if you like. I don’t even remember the last Christmas. Let me think… maybe I do. I was dating a fool. A fool for fun. He hated Christmas more than I do. Oh sorry. Maybe you didn’t know that part. Yea I just feel weird about the whole thing. On one hand it’s a lovely time of year to gift someone you really care about, or surprise someone who needs a good cheer up. And if I do get any gifts from friends or family I like to spread the wealth so to speak. That’s the good part. Spreading the wealth.

As the gifts pour in trickle in I open each one carefully all the way to the gift part of the gift (you know the guts of the package), and check it out. Then I reverently place it in a special Xmas spot – it could be a tree or a table with a few decorations or in a corner on the floor – and savor them until Xmas day. Then I put them away.

I am much more likely to remember what I received and really thank the person in a meaningful way later on.

I gift my immediate family and a few friends usually but not every year. I do not do commercial shopping at the holidays anymore. Nope. I try to buy things from local producers of wares. Or create something to give. Or something like that.

Gads this post is giving me the heebie jeebies. It’s almost Halloween – Merry Christmas.


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December 21, 2011 a day late for priority mail

I have been busy. I have missed the final deadline to mail priority packages for Christmas arrival. I tried anyway and Christmas day will tell.

I will get the decorations that have only been in the attic since September, down once again and put up the tree. I’d like to think they will go back in the attic long before next September.

Merry hoHo. Y’all be safe and enjoy the company.

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Krysmas almost here again!

It’s September and I’ll be putting the decorations back in the attic next week. Yes they have been packed up and sitting at the entrance to the attic since January. Yes I hate the mess. No I haven’t had time to put them up there. Any more questions?

A vintage ornament my Grandmother created long ago.

The attic is the only sensible place to store the decorations but what a pain in the hinny to get them out and put them back. Every year I have to empty the closet (completely), haul in a ladder, lift the lid and drag every box up a story by hand and shove it into the attic. Usually I guide and encourage someone else who is on the ladder. I don’t actually get up on it and do the lugging myself. This process has to happen twice a year. I was recently asked why I don’t just leave them down since the holidays are almost upon us, being all the way to September now. Well, I’m just sick to death of them junking up that area of the house. And, I hope to not put any decorations up this year. Absence of decor is my first choice this year. Last year it was my preference also but my son and his long time sweetie made plans to be home for the holiday and I couldn’t bear to not put up the tree and splash around some mistletoe.

So I need to find a gullible.. I mean volunteer to help me with the task now and then again in November and January2012. Any takers?


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The (Botox needed) Tree of Christmas Past (via Moonmooring)

The (Botox needed) Tree of Christmas Past The tree is up. But up is such a poor substitution for what I hoped for. I hoped for decorated in addition to up. But I'm pooped and the tree is ugly and it's the worse Christmas faux pas I've made since the year of the black tree. Of which I will tell you … I had cash flow and new ornaments in mind. I was entranced with these cool purple Christmas tree balls and purple lights. Yea. I bought a white tree to put them on, took it all home (includ … Read More

via Moonmooring

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The Holidays have Officially Started! (via Moonmooring)

The Holidays have Officially Started! They have. I am throwing my Grinch 'tude to the wind this year and getting into the spirit of things. The "stuff" is down from the attic, the house is almost all cleaned up, the decorations have been chosen and in 24 hours I hope to have one of the two trees up! You may be asking, "Why will it … Read More

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Fallen by the wayside

Flink Pamingo has fallen by the wayside sorry to say. Or it could be creeping into the Easter season – either way – I have failed to keep up with it as I hoped.

I’m not big on holidays so thought the humor of it all would be fun. It just took too damn much time though.

Easter is upon us and I have barely noticed it. I usually create a few cards for friends, and make a basket for my grown (28 years old now) son and his long time girlfriend but I’m not too sure that will happen this year.

There is this little problem involving computer logistics. I have access to three. All MAC’s – exactly what this one person loves to work on. The problem lies in the fact that this one isn’t mine and I only write on it occasionally from where I am staying. None of my photos are on it and I so count on my photos for inspiration. The second is a MAC Air and it has the aforementioned problem missing my ten thousand +photos in addition to being so small it hurts me to work long on it. Then there is my own computer, including the ten thousand pics – at work – where I don’t do personal work. I voluntarily offered to use it there in lieu of a piecemeal PC run by rodents in a wire wheel (just kidding, but only barely, any PC makes me think of rodents).

So I can try to remember to pull a few pics off my computer to a flash drive and bring them home, hope it will work for me or stay at work after hours and do some creative activities or work from here and wish I had the darn photos imprinted in a chip in my forehead.

Thanks for listening and have a Merry Flinking Easter!


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Fruitcakes Available NOW From Moonmooring at Etsy (via Moonmooring)

They say fruitcake ages well and gets better every year you keep in refrigerated; if you freshen the spirits you soak it in every month or so. I wouldn’t know much about that … I usually eat my fruitcake right away. A good soaking in Southern Comfort sure goes a long way to a tasty fruitcake though.

Fruitcakes Available NOW From Moonmooring at Etsy Gotta love those fruitcakes! Growing up I was never a fan of fruitcakes. I always thought they were kind of icky. I'm not sure what changed my mind, but sometime in my 30's or so I had a serious change of heart. Wish I had a memory of the exact fruitcake that did it, but it's not there. Now days I can't keep my hands or mouth off a good fruitcake. Now, many of you may be saying, "good and fruitcake in the same sentence… I don't know about that" … Read More

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